dimanche 1 juin 2008

i have been tagged, also.

5 things found in my bag:
1. sketchbook
2. sir james frazer's "the golden bough"
3. a paris streetwise map
4. lots of ballpoint pens
5. hundreds of little tiny billets du metro

5 favourite things in my room:
1.my window with its lovely view of paris rooftops (see photo)
2. my questionably real vintage birkin
3. my wall of photographs from home
4. my three closets
5. tea!

5 things ive always wanted to do:
1. move to paris (done!)
2. move to nyc (done!)
3. have a huge studio/house by an ocean (someday)
4. see everything (need more funding)
5. learn to dance properly

5 things im currently into:
1. my new blazer (it goes with everything!)
2. parisian flea markets (yves st. laurent! hermes!)
3. the paintings of joan mitchell
4. 19th century english literature
5. brioche

the person who tagged me: the charming mo of like a fox

my 5 impressions of her:
1. she looks cuter in a beret than most french people
2. she is a hat person (so jealous! i have not the hutzpah for hats)
3. she inclines toward schoolgirl charm
4. her blog is new- like mine!
5. she loves guillame canet, as do i. he is a looker.

i know i am supposed to tag others, but since my blog is so new i think it's best that i don't, as i don't know many people in the blog-world-sphere.....but merci millefois for the opportunity to share a bit.

bisous all around!

7 commentaires:

coco a dit…

three closets? i am jealous!

annabananna a dit…

coco's right: three closets? and i might add: that is your view? wow, i'm jealous!

catherine a dit…
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catherine a dit…

well, coco and anna, to clarify and perhaps assuage your jealousy, the three closets come in an apartment that is 10' by 10', filled mostly by a futon, and my shoes share space with the microwave....

Mo a dit…

nawww. thanks for the sweet words mon cherie!
i miss paris - your photo has made me quite nostalgic. i lived there last year and i am missing it terribly. those cute little rooftops just make me want to burst into tears! oh, and how i miss french brioche... and guillaume canet... he is just so pretty.

Paris a dit…

Oh goodness, what a view! Splendid!xx

Anonyme a dit…