vendredi 30 mai 2008

the golden boy is back

as soon as i found this, i had to share it.
alexander wang's resort collection is here and it looks gorgeous. though widely hyped i think his talents cannot be overrated.

here is what he said about it to women's wear daily:
"Talking about his resort collection, Alexander Wang joked that his downtown hipster has moved to “an old boat somewhere with a bunch of robes and stuff, and decides to dock somewhere random.” But there was nothing random about his silk robe dresses, fitted jackets and cozy thermals, all of which were right on target."

11 commentaires:

coco a dit…

I love this collection
And Michelle says she doesn't have a stylist, whether or not that is true who knows.

On Track a dit…

Wow I havent seen this collection till you posted it. I am in love with it, great styles, silhouettes and colours, not to mention a fantastic model :D

Mo a dit…

i hate orange but i love that orange thing. i want it now.

Times of Glory a dit…

Alexander Want gets better and better! The resort collection looks comfy and stylish! It really suits our needs now :)

catherine a dit…

coco: michelle must have some help. i'm suspicious of anyone who makes the teenage transition too smoothly fashion wise. or maybe just resentful cause i was such and awkward duckling?

on track: i love this model, looking at her in these pics made me decide to keep my bangs.

mo: it was the same for me, i don't do color but for alexander i might.

times of glory: you're right, it's perfect summer wear.


Beautiful collection...I like his thought process in creating it.


bear a dit…

i seriously love alexander wang. if i had to pick one line and one line only to wear for eternity it might just be his!

Miss Woo a dit…

Oh god I want every piece! They are all amazing. and love your blog btw! :)

Rock.The.Trend. a dit…

I love HIM so much! This is gorgeous.

Style Syrup a dit…

This collection is wonderful

Anonyme a dit…