mardi 24 juin 2008

only in france....

only in france would karl become a safety mascot!

(the ad reads: "it's yellow, it's ugly, it doesn't go with anything, but it could save your life)

11 commentaires:

Miss Woo a dit…

Lol, I must say I like the idea of wearing a safety vest with a bow tie..

Grace a dit…

How did they convince him to be a part of that shoot?

annabananna a dit…

i just love it!

Anonyme a dit…

le sigh, that's pretty awesome.

altamiranyc a dit…


I just wanted to personally Thank You for your ongoing comments, support, and visits to my site. I appreciate your time and
hope to deliver even better pictures with better outfits in the near future.



p.s. I love the Lagerfeld photo.

Laurel a dit…

Thank you so much for the comment, bella. I would love to link you!

Ah, Karl - gotta love him. :)

Speak soon, bella!

coco a dit…

This is really funny!

Mo a dit…

ahhhhhhhhh. SO TRUE. we love france. and karl.

alluretone a dit…

haha i love this. it's so clever and love your blog!

catherine a dit…

miss woo: only karl would think of such a combination!

grace: i have no idea, but i'd love to find out also

anna: i'm glad. i thought i had to share, it's too funny

michelle: je t'aime, ma cherie! c'est merveilleux te voir ici!

craig: bien sûr! i love your photos, they bring back nyc for me every time

laurel: great! thanks

coco: i know right, ive never seen anything like it

mo: karl is certainly a treasure

alluretone: thanks, that means a lot

Anonyme a dit…

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