samedi 14 juin 2008

leaving town

i'm heading to provence for the next week to relax and read colette nonstop. i will probably be without internet until next sunday when i return....but before i go:

i've been doing this blog for about a month now, and i'd love to get your opinions about where to go next. are there things you want to see more of, or less of? sonnets about alexander wang? haikus about barbara bui shoes? odes to fringe? pictures of paris? or more importantly, is anyone actually reading this?

until then,



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annabananna a dit…

yep, i am reading this :) have fun on your trip and take some pictures! about your blog: i really like it the way it is and enjoy reading it. and: i would love to see some more pictures of paris (since i suppose you don't
want to take pictures of youself?)

On Track a dit…

I am loving your blog, I really like your selection of images, I would love to see more of those :) I really like where you have gone so far.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday, that picture you added with this post is just how I imagine it will be :)

LeWak a dit…

Keep up what you're doing! Love your blog - we check it daily!
Pictures of paris would be amazing or even showing us your art...we'd love to see it!
Enjoy your trip
Stephanie and Michelle

e a dit…

hi, i'm from australia and i'm reading this! i enjoy the snippets from vogue paris as we don't get it here in my city. i like what you have done so far. i would like more of you -- your outfits, your interpretations of fashions around you, paris/french fashion styles.

Annabel a dit…

You're collages are great! would you be able to post a little on what its like living in Paris? I am incredibly jealous!

Miss Woo a dit…

I really enjoy your blog, and personally (being the francophile that I am) I'd love to see more pictures and fashion from Paris!

catherine a dit…

to all: thanks so much for your words of encouragement! i hope i can make you even happier in the future!

bises, bises