lundi 2 juin 2008

the end of an era

all of paris is in mourning today for "le petit prince" of fashion monsieur yves st. laurent.

he died sunday at his home in paris from brain cancer. laurent created one of my favorite looks of all time, "le smoking", and was a proud advocate of democratizing fashion at a time when the idea was unpopular, opening "rive gauche," a less expensive line on the then less-fabulous bank, and was also reportedly the first designer to use black models on the runway. to that end one of his most famous quotes is "we must never confuse elegance with snobbery." overall an amazing man who lived an amazing life, transforming both the women who loved his clothes and the industry he was a part of. i have rarely seen his equal in talent paired with such class and personality, such a love for real women, in the designers of today.

"a woman who has not found her style, who does not feel at ease in her clothes, who does not live in harmony with them, is a sick woman."

3 commentaires:

annabananna a dit…

yes, that's truly sad news. have been thinking about it all day.

LeWak a dit…

very well said.

Vain and Vapid a dit…

He will be truly missed by all in the fashion world but his many influences are still alive in how we all dress today.