vendredi 30 mai 2008

the golden boy is back

as soon as i found this, i had to share it.
alexander wang's resort collection is here and it looks gorgeous. though widely hyped i think his talents cannot be overrated.

here is what he said about it to women's wear daily:
"Talking about his resort collection, Alexander Wang joked that his downtown hipster has moved to “an old boat somewhere with a bunch of robes and stuff, and decides to dock somewhere random.” But there was nothing random about his silk robe dresses, fitted jackets and cozy thermals, all of which were right on target."

melanie huynh

assistant to carine roitfeld, stylist at french vogue. great example of parisian style.

mercredi 28 mai 2008

equestrian chic

sometimes, i think my fashion choices are totally influenced by my equestrian past. the tidy blazer, the crisp white shirt, the knee high boots......sounds familiar?

photos of french vogue shoot from

lundi 26 mai 2008

london calling

in honor of my fabulous weekend in london, here is english rose alexa chung, who seemed to be the inspiration for every girl i saw on brick lane.

a little while liebmarlene vintage had a post about trying to find alexa's perfect leather clutch. well, i think i might have discovered a reasonable facsimile:

this was my uniform the whole trip, to try to blend in with the locals:

i really loved london. it was great to get out of paris (the first time i've left in four months!) and see some different sights and colors than the relentlessly chic, appropriate streets of paris. i love paris, but being from nyc, i was beginning to miss the eccentricity and wild risks and, well, colors, that make fashion so fun. though i'm not a huge fan of the tacky and overblown, my time in london has made me realize that life can get a bit monotonous without it. and, having ended up at pony step-- some ridiculous club in hoxton square where be-glittered club kids in spandex and eccentric costumes lined up by the hundreds looking like a rainbow bomb exploded at a halloween party-- i think i've got enough wild colors to last me through my last few tasteful, aesthetically perfect months in paris.....

mercredi 21 mai 2008

on vacation!

i'm hopping on the eurostar to visit a friend in london this weekend. i will try to comment on blogs and keep up with everyone!
i will be back on monday to post once more, hopefully full of guinness and new ideas.
until then, i'll leave you with this vogue paris editorial, styled by geraldine saglio with the also ingenious melanie huynh (more on her later).....

scans from the fashion spot

fanciful folds

i recently stumbled upon this gorgeously constructed roland mouret skirt. the pleats and folds are just genius. no one can tailor to the female body like mouret. i'm always on the lookout for designers whose work transcends body types to make every woman feel fantastic. mouret's beautiful dresses certainly do just that, as does this piece.

the exposed zipper puts just the right hard edge on the feminine tailoring. to my mind, it's perfect!

gladiator battles

i've seen these gorgeous specimens all over the place lately (the charming camille of childhood flames has them in black), and granted they're so perfect i sometimes dream about them.

however, while drooling over them online, i discovered that nine west has many other ways to fulfill my strappy, be-buckled, gladiatrix fantasies:
these beauties , which the lovely jesicola of ropa vieja gives her full endorsement, which is more than enough for me

and also these

and some of them are even on sale....

mardi 20 mai 2008

floral frenzy

i've seen the floral craze blooming all over the runways and the blogs from nyc to paris. though i'm all for dressing with a little romance, i myself just cannot get into anything flower patterned. however, if someone (topshop, cough cough) were to turn william morris's beautiful 19th century wallpaper patterns into floaty dresses, i would jump on that bandwagon faster than you could say "goes well with leather"

lundi 19 mai 2008

geraldine saglio

assistant to emmanuelle alt

all images, sartorialist

emanuelle alt

fashion director of paris vogue, impeccable record as a stylist, and in my opinion one of the best dressed women on the planet. i would love to try on a bit of her rough-and-tumble femininity.

dimanche 18 mai 2008

hello darling,

found in a paris thrift store for 2 euros...

or the more affordable version:

jacket topshop
dress american apparel
shoes frye

if i could, i'd be wearing

jacket alexander mcqueen
dress stella mcartney
shoes barbara bui

dimanche 11 mai 2008

vanessa bruno

i stumbled upon vanessa bruno's storefront lost one day here in paris. i fell in love immediately. everything is so carefully crafted, and drapes beautifully on all shapes and sizes of women.

breeding the perfect shoes

i have had this pair of sergio rossi's on my radar for a while now.

however, maybe if i left these beautiful specimens from asos
alone in a dark room for a while, two would make criss-crossy, zippery three

what i wore today

shirt h&m
sweater, skirt and necklace vintage
shoes frye

chained and bound

it all starts with givenchy

then the dirty librarian

now i'll give it a go, with a grungy t and maybe a high waisted skirt.