mercredi 11 juin 2008


while looking through the resort collections, i was really struck by the richness and instensity of the color palettes many of the designers chose. then i realized what i was really seeing was a season where everyone seemed to be thinking along the same lines....

for example, the orange that seemed so striking when i first saw alexanger wang's collection, a bold color usually reserved for halloween and traffic cones, not fashion, kept appearing in other collections

alexander wang, brian reyes, narcisco rodriguez, stella mccartney, doo. ri

burberry prorsum's intense acid green and was also echoed in other looks

doo.ri, burberry prorsum, burberry prorsum, jenni kayne

finally, the blues, doo.ri's flourescent turqouise and helmut lang's yves klein blue being the standouts

doo.ri, doo.ri, stella mccartney, helmut lang, doo.ri

i am really excited to see such vibrant colors from so many designers. i also love resort season, as the collections are usually a lot more wearable and casual than the rest of the year. being just an art student with no grand parties to which i can wear a feathered cocktail mcqueen dress or whatever other couture item i might fantasize about, resort gives me a chance to see what my favorite designers imagine for the daily life of a customer like myself.

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annabananna a dit…

i agree! i love to see what the designers come up with for "everyday life" (well, if it includes little cocktail parties and private tennis clubs) those colors are amazing, the blues swept me away. and now i even think i might need something ornage.

Anonyme a dit…

Love that Stella McCartney blue blazer!

coco a dit…

I love orange
I plan to wear it a lot this summer

Paris a dit…

Those turquoise and lime greens are delicious. I would love to know what the inspirations were behind these bold colour choices??

Miss Woo a dit…

I get more daily outfit inspirations from the resort season too. If I can I would wear orange every day!

altamiranyc a dit…

Great deductions there! I wish I had read your post before I put up yesterday's picture.

Knight Cat a dit…

oh thanks darling! i added you back!


niki a dit…

ooh i love those yellow-y greens!

ps. we added you back! lovely!

Raych a dit…

I am seriously loving resort this season for its connection to audiences that speak in terms of worthy splurging. You know, since off runway items cost like an arm and leg.

And I added you back, your blog is divine!

kitty kate a dit…

great blog. would love to trde links....stop by and check mine out!

Ida a dit…

You do have a point. It is nice to see some fashion for the more ordinary of us. And I love bold colors. Couldn't imagine summer without them!

She's Dressing Up a dit…

Wow I love all of the green colours!

catherine a dit…

anna: i wish my everyday life included private tennis clubs!

unwise pedestrian: me too, such a bod color

coco: i'm glad to hear it, i myself am not quite brave enough

paris: me guess is the neutral base of the last few seasons swinging in the opposite direction..

miss woo: i'd love to see how you'd incoporate the orange

altamira: i loved yesterdays pic!

knightcat: thanks! bisous!

niki: bisous and thanks to you also!

raych: thanks, i think your's is pretty great also!

kitty kate: i will!

ida: me soon as i saw these colors i new summer was here..

nic: yeah i'm trying to incorporate more of burberry's acid work

The Clothes Horse a dit…

Oh, the colors!



Anonyme a dit…

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