samedi 7 juin 2008

jean army

i've been really into the tough/relaxed contrast of swedish brand acne jeans looks for a while. i think it comes from a similar head space to alexander wang or balmain for example, designers who want to make women feel really strong and unstoppable but feminine at the same time.

something really important to me in fashion is clothes that look as great off the runway on the rest of us as they do on the models in shoots and on the runway. a line from the project runway finale comes to mind, where rami said cristian needed to "learn to design for women instead of models," which i totally agree with.

a friend of mine owns one of the acne jeans dresses shown above, she is 5'2", styles it completely differently, and she looks fantastic. i get the same warm fuzzy feeling from all of the fabulous bloggers showing looks inspired by wang's destroyed denim and sleek blazers. if there's anything we've learned from the outpourings of love for the late yves, it's the designers whose clothes make women feel great in them that are really remembered.

oh btw i think it would be really easy to create similar, less expensive versions of the acne jeans line by belting american apparel pieces. i know i'm going to give it a try.

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annabananna a dit…

i wanted to comment on your last post, but somehow blogger was all messed up, so here i am, finally. i really like the acne line, for the exact same reason you describe. and your aa-idea is brilliant. i need to try that.

about your last post: i agree with you. i know the reason why models look the way they do is because the clothes look really pretty on skinny, boyish figures. that's alright with me, my self-confidence is big enough to know that i will never look like them and am still totally ok. but after the runway shows, the only focus of designers should be the (real) female body. no use making beautiful clothes if nobody wears them. in the end, those few rich ladies that can effort to buy haute couture are, as far as i know, rather old and very rich, and the designers happily alter their designs for them. just my two pennies.

ps: welcome on the beautiful, fun bandwagon that is called "project runway". now you get the name of our blog ;)

catherine a dit…

yeah i totally agree....i think the role of the designer, like any artist who works with functional objects, is to reconcile their creative vision with how the real lives of actual people. for a designer to envision solely models when they imagine their designs doesn't just shortchange us as consumers, i really think it narrows the scope of their vision as well.

but anyway, yay project runway! i also like the british version project catwalk!

Miss Woo a dit…

I love most of their stuff, the tough meets soft aesthetic is definitely something I want to try out.

Bostonian a dit…

Very good selection. I love everything !

coco a dit…

OOOOOO I love the green dress in the first picture!

Miss.Russe Femme Fatale a dit…

Hey there I totally agree with you that some of the designers collections are not wearable on the 'real' women! Women who have hips and curves and some of the haute couture creations are amazing but not pracitical for day wear. As much as I admire Alexander McQueen and co for their design skills I could never wear theyre fabulous frocks in my day to day existence! lol
However, I have noticed that more and more designers are making pieces that you can wear every day as they realise not all their admirers can wear the wonderful creations they dream up. A good example of this is Luella, she has had amazing collections and a lot of the clotes are translateable into youre everday wardrobe and can be found in the high street if you don't wish to buy designer! Though I do admit to having a Luella navy shirt from their F/W 07/08 collection but it is fabulous! And sorry for this long comment but I was also wondeing if we could swap links?x

Knight Cat a dit…

the american apparel idea looks great!



thank you Catherine

thank you so much for your compliemnt
have you read the new explanation i ad at the top of my blog ?
i am sure you'll love it

let's have a drink !
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catherine a dit…

miss woo: go for it!

bostonian: thanks. they've got a great web site also.

coco: me too that's the one my friend has

miss russe: i totally agree. luella is a great example. and sure ill swap i will get to it asap

knight cat: thanks, glad you stopped by! i enjoy your blog.

kamel: oui, je voudrais ça. je pars pour provence cette semaine, mais quand je reviens je peux t'envoyer un petit email?

Style Syrup a dit…

I agree with you. It is easy to make clothes look amazing on models but to make clothes look amazing on everyday women is a real talent. However, I think in order to look good you need to have the right amount of self confidence too.

Anonyme a dit…