jeudi 5 juin 2008

l'été commence

en vogue section of paris vogue
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lara a dit…

great pictures, but it's normal when it comes out of vogue :)

Miss Woo a dit…

Seeing those seaside pics make me wish summer in England is warmer..

annabananna a dit…

aw, beautiful. i just can't wait for summer. it's been raining for far too long now. and those pictures only make it worse ;)

Paris a dit…

Oh, my good old faithful overseas magazine supplier has ran out of Paris vogue!! I'm so gutted and the prices are ridiculous on ebay!

On a change of subject, I have tagged you! Please read the rules on my blog xx

Ragamala a dit…

I love these pictures. I especially love the seaside ones at the top.

niki a dit…

those little speed boats look so perfect for lounging around in a cute swimsuit!

Big Daddy a dit…

The first one is perfect, but they are all great! like your blog.

catherine a dit…

lara: the en vogue section is always my favorite part of french vogue

miss woo: me too! though more it makes me wish i was near a seaside

anna: same here in paris, the weather is thwarting my style

paris: ok i will get to it as soon as i can

ragmala: glad you like them, more to come

niki: if only i had a boat and a body of water

big daddy: thanks. i like your blag also!

Anonyme a dit…