mercredi 21 mai 2008

on vacation!

i'm hopping on the eurostar to visit a friend in london this weekend. i will try to comment on blogs and keep up with everyone!
i will be back on monday to post once more, hopefully full of guinness and new ideas.
until then, i'll leave you with this vogue paris editorial, styled by geraldine saglio with the also ingenious melanie huynh (more on her later).....

scans from the fashion spot

7 commentaires:

karla a dit…

this post was quite inspiring. super cute blog lady! - Street style & Fashion weeks in Paris a dit…

hi stylish friend

i just discovered your blog and he looks great

I just wanted to tell you that I met Sarah Jessica parker / Sex and the city Monday in Paris and did great shots that you’ll certainly like

I also got great shots during the sunny days in Paris

Have a look and enjoy !
and may be one day i 'll be in your fav blogs ! lol


Street style romancer in Paris

jesicola a dit…

I love this editorial! I keep going back to good.

catherine a dit…

karla: thanks! you're pretty charming yourself

kamel: you're right, do love them! maybe i'll see you on the streets of paris soon...

jesicola: i love it too, it's everything i want to wear at the moment.

LeWak a dit…

Love those pages

joanna a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.
Anonyme a dit…

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