samedi 7 mars 2009

recession neutral

so, i work three jobs and still feel broke. granted i'm saving up for a computer. however, the savings vs. shoes debate is one i never seem to win.

i was an hour early for my gallery job in chelsea today and so i took a leisurely stroll through the 5th avenue shops. though inexpensive shoes can look great in photos, sometimes in person they look as cheap as they are. here are a few that really look, feel, and wear like a million bucks:

From edith

From edith

shoes from banana republic, jeffrey campbell, nine west, steve madden, urban outfitters, kenneth cole

4 commentaires:

pigeon.toed a dit…

the scalloped pair are amazing!

Allure a dit…

I know what you mean, a pair of cheap-looking shoes can ruin an outfit.

STARR a dit…

Aww I really need some warm weather shoes.

bryna a dit…

oooh. i love when someone puts a whole bunch of shoes together for me to drool over!

love your blog!