dimanche 1 mars 2009

les bijoux

more from my closet.....my jewels!

each one of the things on these necklaces has a special meaning to me:
From closet

sometimes i like to pile on the chains:
From closet

the knuckleduster a friend designed for me, and my earrings, which i always wear one at a time:
From closet

and lastly, my rings...which i prefer large and shiny....
From closet

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Anonyme a dit…


The beautiful and glammed a dit…

you have an amazing jewellery collections, some fab pieces! cool blog! <3 xx

ALICE a dit…

we have very similar taste in jewels!

alana a dit…

I've fallen in love wiht all your jewelry. Especially the necklae on the far right in the first picture :)