dimanche 1 février 2009

new plan

i realized as i was getting dressed the other day that i'm really happy with my closet. i have everything i need, and almost everything i want. something i learned living in paris is to have lots of nice basics, to dress more simply.

so, i will start showing you what's in my closet!
bon, non?

firstoff, this shearling jacket i made out of a horrendously ugly other jacket, in an attempt to create some kind of rick owens-ish thing:

From closet

what would you like to see next? bags? shoes? jewelry?

5 commentaires:

LeWak a dit…

all of the above!

pigeon.toed a dit…

that leather looks so soft!

i think i want to see all of the above as well!

thesearchforchic a dit…

you made that???

how did you do that?

catherine a dit…

i will get started photographing my closet toute suite!

as for the jacket, i merely cut up an old shearling coat i found and added a big long zipper.....it's the warmest thing i've ever owned..

Luxurina a dit…

Great job..on dirait a Rick Ownes jacket..the leather looks butetry soft. Great blog by the way. Bonne continuation