jeudi 22 janvier 2009


inside the house/wardrobe of model daria werbowy. she used to come into a coffeeshop i used to work at in manhattan's lower east side about two years ago and play chess with her boyfriend. she was sporting flannel, chains, and leather long before the rest of us caught on.

From edith

From edith

From edith

oh btw,
sorry to post so infrenquently lately and never comment on anyone's blogs. believe it or not, i don't have internet or even a working computer at home.....odd in this day and age but nevertheless, true.

so, until the next time i find myself in the library,

à bientôt!

3 commentaires:

pigeon.toed a dit…

i love daria! she is amazingly, gorgeous!

coco a dit…

I love Daria! Thanks for posting this. I have that picture of Kurt saved on my PC and I really want to find a print of it to frame like she has.

catherine a dit…

i love her too! such great casual style, but she cleans up sharp too....