lundi 17 novembre 2008


looking for new boots for winter....any suggestions?

From outlaw couture

From outlaw couture

From outlaw couture

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thesearchforchic a dit…

I do like the last ones although they seem a bit last season Marc.

How about searching on ebay for vintage boots? I did ..still waiting for mine though.

catherine a dit…

perfect idea! however, i am trying to kick the ebay addiction. it consumes all my waking hours! don't encourage me!

LeWak a dit…

i love the second one best of the three

Anonyme a dit…

what brand are these boots?

thanks- i love them

catherine a dit…

the first are steven by steve madden, the second are by ash, and the third are nine west!

donna a dit…

lol last season marc. buck the whole seasonal thing...wear what you want to wear.

I like the 2nd (dressy) and the 3rd (cas), but it would depend on your coat.

Anonyme a dit…

the first boot is beautiful