dimanche 5 octobre 2008

noir for fall

all of the fashion week streetstyle photos reminded me, just in time for fall, that nothing eases the temperature change like black from head to toe.

From outlaw couture

From outlaw couture

From outlaw couture

From outlaw couture

from paris vogue's august issue

5 commentaires:

thesearchforchic a dit…

I love your point of view and blog! I've linked you.


onomatopoeia a dit…

I always seem to forget how much I actually enjoy the head to toe black look! It's genius for fall.

thanks for your comment btw, your blog is very nice as well!

Eelie a dit…

black on black on black...etc :P will always be a classic but i'm a colour girl to noe end :)

catherine a dit…

thanks for the comments and links!

noir forever!

Siska a dit…

I love it!