samedi 26 juillet 2008

bliss lau

i love erin wasson, and her collaboration with alexander wang, just as much as the next girl. however, her new jewelry line, low luv, could take a few hints from parsons grad bliss lau.
lau uses her knowledge of garment draping to create versatile pieces that follow the body and can change the way you wear your clothes, or the way they wear you. she also makes some amazing belts.

i have a feeling these pieces would be just as interesting over a tshirt as with formalwear. certainly they're beyond just jewelry.

5 commentaires:

lara a dit…

Really interesting piece bbut i guess I won't wear it :)

Times of Glory a dit…

These belts or shall I say "body accessories" are gorgeous! They are individual, innovative and extremely modern! Yes, you are so right, I guess it can create really different looks, no matter on T-shirt or dresses! I have to check them out! Thank you xxxx

roxanne a dit…

you've got a good eye, since it turns out that erin did take a few hints from bliss lau.

Caroline a dit…

this would be an amazing DIY if I could figure it out!

Anonyme a dit…